Pack a pooper scooper for your pet-friendly cottage holiday

You?re all getting excited about driving to your pet-friendly holiday cottage with the children, the dogs and a ton of luggage. It is amazing how much stuff a young family need to take on holiday, especially a seaside break; beach towels, earth moving equipment (buckets and spades), insect repellent, sun screen, portable chairs, cool bag, picnic blanket. And that?s before you have packed clothing and essentials.

When holidaying with dogs, you must not forget to pack the pooper scooper. I know that lots of people just carefully place a plastic bag over the deposit and carefully try to enclose it in the bag. They then have the pleasure of carrying the warm doggy gift in a pocket although if it?s a chilly evening, it can keep your hands warm! Some of the super pooper scoopers on the market will pick up the pooh, wrap it and hold it neatly and discretely inside the casing.

Dog friendly cottage owners have to be a tolerant lot and know that the back garden will become a dog toilet. Some of the ones with a group of cottages often have a large field ?where people are welcome to walk their dogs?. That is a euphemism for ?please take your dog to the field for a pooh?. They do expect you to remove the offending matter as well although because they need the dog owning guests will tolerate irresponsible guests, bemoan them in private and place them on a blacklist to avoid in future years unless they have vacant weeks.

However, you are just about packed for your holiday, everyone is excited, the bags are ready and you?re just about to set off. One more thing, have you packed any sick bags and wipes for the kids?
It?ll be wonderful when you eventually get to your holiday cottage, green fields, play parks and fresh air.

We wish you sunshine.