Self-catering cottage holidays in Yorkshire with dogs

Anyone who owns a dog knows that it is far easier to go on holiday and take the dog than to book it into kennels. It is not the kennel fees that are the problem, just the thought of your beloved pet pining away alone, not understanding why it has been sent to jail. Thankfully, Yorkshire is a most welcoming pet-friendly UK holiday destination.

All you need to do is to find self-catering accommodation, a pine lodge, apartment or country cottage that allows people to have their dogs stay with them in the accommodation. This is when dog owners are thankful that the British are so fond of dogs and understand their importance to their owners. When holidaymakers arrive at their booked accommodation, it would be unusual for the dog not to be patted and welcomed as well. Find out more about pet-friendly holiday acccommodation in Yorkshire.

One thing about Yorkshire is the vast area of open countryside that awaits people and their dogs. North Yorkshire and the coast are the areas where most doggy people go. So many dogs absolutely love the sea so that the coast is an enormous draw. As long as holidaymakers keep away from the big popular resorts, lots of other beaches such as Hornsea, Bridlington North Beach or Flamborough Head, allow dogs all year round. It is usual for the family beaches to have dog restrictions from May until the end of September but there are still lots of beaches where there are no restrictions in dogs whatsoever at any time of year.

Another good point of renting self-catering accommodation near the sea is that the North York Moors National Park and the Yorkshire Wolds back the coastline. This allows for plenty of walks in beautiful Yorkshire countryside as a change from the beach.

Big dogs, small dogs, cottage holidays for all

Dogs welcome cottages that allow several dogs per cottage

What people with dogs sometimes complain about is not being able to find suitable holiday cottages where they can take several dogs (see for a list of holiday cottage that accept up to 5 dogs or more).

Dog lovers sometimes cannot stop and may have three, four or five dogs. The majority of holiday cottages, especially those with groups of cottages, place a limit of one dog per cottage although owners will sometimes say that it depends on the breed of dog.

Perhaps two spaniels or three chichuaua add up to an alsation. The cottage owners need to keep an eye on things, especially when there is a group of dog friendly holiday cottages. No one wants to see a dog fight or to have to take their pet to the vet on holiday because it has been bitten. Usually, the dog-friendly terms and conditions stipulate ‘well behaved dogs’.

The degree of pet-friendliness varies from one self-catering cottage to another. Some tolerate dogs because there is a greater demand for cottage lettings, others go out of their way to ensure that the cottages and gardens are just perefect for holidaymakers with dogs. They will have dog bins, sometimes dog kennels and even dog sit by arrangement. Try looking at this page for pet-friendly cottages with a fenced enclosed garden and other dog helpful amenities.

The basic essential that dog owners generally ask for is a a safe and completely fenced or walled garden that the dog cannot escape from. Trying to find you dog in strange territory on holiday is not most people’s idea of fun.

Holiday cottages that allow 5 or more dogs

Pack a pooper scooper for your pet-friendly cottage holiday

You?re all getting excited about driving to your pet-friendly holiday cottage with the children, the dogs and a ton of luggage. It is amazing how much stuff a young family need to take on holiday, especially a seaside break; beach towels, earth moving equipment (buckets and spades), insect repellent, sun screen, portable chairs, cool bag, picnic blanket. And that?s before you have packed clothing and essentials.

When holidaying with dogs, you must not forget to pack the pooper scooper. I know that lots of people just carefully place a plastic bag over the deposit and carefully try to enclose it in the bag. They then have the pleasure of carrying the warm doggy gift in a pocket although if it?s a chilly evening, it can keep your hands warm! Some of the super pooper scoopers on the market will pick up the pooh, wrap it and hold it neatly and discretely inside the casing.

Dog friendly cottage owners have to be a tolerant lot and know that the back garden will become a dog toilet. Some of the ones with a group of cottages often have a large field ?where people are welcome to walk their dogs?. That is a euphemism for ?please take your dog to the field for a pooh?. They do expect you to remove the offending matter as well although because they need the dog owning guests will tolerate irresponsible guests, bemoan them in private and place them on a blacklist to avoid in future years unless they have vacant weeks.

However, you are just about packed for your holiday, everyone is excited, the bags are ready and you?re just about to set off. One more thing, have you packed any sick bags and wipes for the kids?
It?ll be wonderful when you eventually get to your holiday cottage, green fields, play parks and fresh air.

We wish you sunshine.

Dogs welcome holiday cottages

Renting a holiday cottage is the preferred way of taking a holiday for dog owners. Once in your dogs welcome holiday cottage, you can all settle in and be just as comfortable as you would at home. Pet-friendly holiday lets are designed with dogs in mind so that you don’t have to worry about the furniture or dog deposits in the agrden, although cottage owners do expect you to clean up after your dog. The cottage should be decked out with all necessary dog proof sofa covers and a good broad door mat for wiping doggy paws on. It might be an idea to take along an old towel to rub the dog down with when you get back from muddy days out to reduce potential mess.

Dogs are like people in that a certain proportion suffers from travel sickness when travelling in a car. It helps for the dog to be able to look straight ahead out of the back of the car and keeps their sight on a distant point. There are some dogs that just lie down and go to sleep for the duration of the journey to the holiday cottage and you’re most fortunate if this applies to your dogs. Vets may be able to prescribe non-drowsy ani-sickness medication to give your dog to help alleviate problems. Apparently, a pheromone diffuser in the car also helps. Do take water for the car journey and try to leave a decent break between feeding your dog and travelling.

Before you know it, you’ll be at your chosen holiday cottage and able to commence a relaxing cottage break. Dog owners tend to like rural locations with plenty of places to take the dogs for a walk, to enjoy good scenery and do all the normal things that people do on holiday except with a dog or two in tow.

Barking up a new tree

When you’re planning a family holiday, do you have to think about where the family pet is going stay while your away? Finding a suitable friend or kennel that is not too much of an expense or hassle? Well with pet-friendly holiday accommodation you can bring your pet along for a fantastic holiday as well. With 23% of households owning a dog and 79% of those owning only one dog, it seems unnecessary to leave your furry friend behind while you enjoy a countryside or coastal getaway without them. Many self-catering holidays in the UK are spent amongst stunning wildlife and countryside or by one of the UK’s amazing beaches or coast, it is ridiculous to think the member of the family that would probably appreciate the wonderful outdoors the most and definately have a fantastic time exploring the area, wont get to enjoy it! With beautiful walks, amazing scenery, so much to see and even dog-friendly pubs, you might even enjoy taking the dog out for a walk on a self-catering holiday in the countryside.

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Chapel Cottage

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the town of Broughton-in-Furness in The Lake District.
It is a delightful holiday home to use as a base for
exploring Cumbria Lake District.

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