Self-catering cottage holidays in Yorkshire with dogs

Anyone who owns a dog knows that it is far easier to go on holiday and take the dog than to book it into kennels. It is not the kennel fees that are the problem, just the thought of your beloved pet pining away alone, not understanding why it has been sent to jail. Thankfully, Yorkshire is a most welcoming pet-friendly UK holiday destination.

All you need to do is to find self-catering accommodation, a pine lodge, apartment or country cottage that allows people to have their dogs stay with them in the accommodation. This is when dog owners are thankful that the British are so fond of dogs and understand their importance to their owners. When holidaymakers arrive at their booked accommodation, it would be unusual for the dog not to be patted and welcomed as well. Find out more about pet-friendly holiday acccommodation in Yorkshire.

One thing about Yorkshire is the vast area of open countryside that awaits people and their dogs. North Yorkshire and the coast are the areas where most doggy people go. So many dogs absolutely love the sea so that the coast is an enormous draw. As long as holidaymakers keep away from the big popular resorts, lots of other beaches such as Hornsea, Bridlington North Beach or Flamborough Head, allow dogs all year round. It is usual for the family beaches to have dog restrictions from May until the end of September but there are still lots of beaches where there are no restrictions in dogs whatsoever at any time of year.

Another good point of renting self-catering accommodation near the sea is that the North York Moors National Park and the Yorkshire Wolds back the coastline. This allows for plenty of walks in beautiful Yorkshire countryside as a change from the beach.