Big dogs, small dogs, cottage holidays for all

Dogs welcome cottages that allow several dogs per cottage

What people with dogs sometimes complain about is not being able to find suitable holiday cottages where they can take several dogs (see for a list of holiday cottage that accept up to 5 dogs or more).

Dog lovers sometimes cannot stop and may have three, four or five dogs. The majority of holiday cottages, especially those with groups of cottages, place a limit of one dog per cottage although owners will sometimes say that it depends on the breed of dog.

Perhaps two spaniels or three chichuaua add up to an alsation. The cottage owners need to keep an eye on things, especially when there is a group of dog friendly holiday cottages. No one wants to see a dog fight or to have to take their pet to the vet on holiday because it has been bitten. Usually, the dog-friendly terms and conditions stipulate ‘well behaved dogs’.

The degree of pet-friendliness varies from one self-catering cottage to another. Some tolerate dogs because there is a greater demand for cottage lettings, others go out of their way to ensure that the cottages and gardens are just perefect for holidaymakers with dogs. They will have dog bins, sometimes dog kennels and even dog sit by arrangement. Try looking at this page for pet-friendly cottages with a fenced enclosed garden and other dog helpful amenities.

The basic essential that dog owners generally ask for is a a safe and completely fenced or walled garden that the dog cannot escape from. Trying to find you dog in strange territory on holiday is not most people’s idea of fun.

Holiday cottages that allow 5 or more dogs