Dogs welcome holiday cottages

Renting a holiday cottage is the preferred way of taking a holiday for dog owners. Once in your dogs welcome holiday cottage, you can all settle in and be just as comfortable as you would at home. Pet-friendly holiday lets are designed with dogs in mind so that you don’t have to worry about the furniture or dog deposits in the agrden, although cottage owners do expect you to clean up after your dog. The cottage should be decked out with all necessary dog proof sofa covers and a good broad door mat for wiping doggy paws on. It might be an idea to take along an old towel to rub the dog down with when you get back from muddy days out to reduce potential mess.

Dogs are like people in that a certain proportion suffers from travel sickness when travelling in a car. It helps for the dog to be able to look straight ahead out of the back of the car and keeps their sight on a distant point. There are some dogs that just lie down and go to sleep for the duration of the journey to the holiday cottage and you’re most fortunate if this applies to your dogs. Vets may be able to prescribe non-drowsy ani-sickness medication to give your dog to help alleviate problems. Apparently, a pheromone diffuser in the car also helps. Do take water for the car journey and try to leave a decent break between feeding your dog and travelling.

Before you know it, you’ll be at your chosen holiday cottage and able to commence a relaxing cottage break. Dog owners tend to like rural locations with plenty of places to take the dogs for a walk, to enjoy good scenery and do all the normal things that people do on holiday except with a dog or two in tow.